JC Friend

Business of the JCF

from Asia to Japan, from Japan to Asia

The biggest selling point of JC Friend is the understanding of
the sensibility both of Japanese and Asian countries.
Not only in business of trade, it is possible to prevent and suppress the risk generated by
the business involved in Japan and Asian countries of your company in advance.
We can deliver the goods in delivery time and best price by
the know-how of trade cultivated for years.

JC Frined is not just
a trading company

it is a new trade service provider which adapt to the trend of the times. Support of Asian factories to Japanese companies. We will provide the better products from better factories to customers in Japan by the shortest path and the lowest prices. Delivery of goods can satisfy our customers.

Made in Asian
  • Production managemnet
  • Site supervision
expanding the China domestic sales

Expanding the Asian
countries sales

Support of Asian selling the companies to Japanese companies Expanding the Asian countries sales of the high quality of goods made in Japan.

What is the sales channel?
  • Asian coastal market MERIT
    Expectations of very large market
  • Asian coastal market DEMERIT
    Risk of payment recovered

Japan JC's business content

  • 01. Commodity production in Asian countries

    Our cooperation factories are mainly located in China and other Asian countries. We will select the best plant which can make the goods of your wish from a number of cooperation factories, and estimate, up sample, produce base on needs.
    The QC of China subsidiary do the production management and only shipment, deliver good product to you with a variety of trade know-how.
    Since we have exclusive designer, we also offer ODM.

  • 02. Sales in China domestic

    Japan JC Friend has also focusing on domestic sales of China.
    We are purchase the products which made in Japan and designed by Japan and introduce and sale them to Chinese buyers.
    These products are directly sells in local department stores and specialty stores.

  • 03. Business opportunities spread in the language

    Japan JC Friend offers Chinese language course to be a weapon in the business scene.
    The curriculum that fit to your needs is designed by professional teachers, so you can learn Chinese effectively.
    We also offer request of the translation and interpretation.

Work flow of Japan JC Friend trade business

Smooth cooperation with Japan JC Friend and
Shanghai JC Friend will lead your business to success.

  • Information of new products/new idea from the local plant (new material development, etc.)
  • Suggestions and samples up of goods (perform until our customers consent)
  • Supervision and instruction in the field
  • Careful confirmation of trade procedures
  • Shanghai local staff inspection goods, and reporting work to customers
  • Deliver safely and speedy from the port of various parts of China to the port of various parts of Japan by more smoothly and more reliably
  • Sales representatives will attend with responsibility at the time of delivery

Shanghai JCF's business content

  • 01. Sales of Made in Japan goods in China market

    Make marketing research in the Chinese market, which is becoming the world's market from the world's factory in recent years, to investigate the demand for Made in Japan products.
    Take the cooperation with Japan JC Friend, advances the negotiations with manufacturers of Japan and also do import business and the corresponding after local delivery.

  • 02. Local legal advice business

    Business consulting of various procedures related to establishment of the base or liaison office of Japanese companies.
    Consulting service of arbitrate trouble between companies, and legal consultation service.
    Reliever by business-to-business transactions in China, and business in general related to the RMB settlement.

Work flow of the Shanghai JC Friend

Based on the order of Japan JC Friend, do local factory and production management
By double checking system of Japan JC Friend and Shanghai JC Friend,
we will provide safe and inexpensive goods.

  • Production request from Japan JC Friend
  • Production request from Japan JC Friend
  • Shanghai JC staff to field
  • Meeting with each process manager including plant manager
  • Adjustment of production schedule, check production of each process
  • Resolution of the causes of defective occurrence

Company Profile

  • Corporate Name


  • Establishment

    Sep. 4th. 2001

  • Representative 

    President Yomi Sakaki

  • Capital

    10 million yen

  • Location

    [ Osaka Head Office ]
    11F&13F,Umeda1-2-2-1100 ,Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
    530-0001, Japan
    [ Tokyo Office ]
    Shinagawagotenyama Bldg 2F,Kita shinagawa3-6-6
    Shinagawa-ku,Tokyo 140-0001, Japan

  • HP


  • A Shanghai local subsidiary

    Shanghai JC Trading CO.,LTD.

  • Location

    1-902 HOW MORE INT’L CENTRE NO.2277